Eucalyptus By-the-Yard Drawer Liner
Our Price: $46.50
Our Price: $51.00
Eucalyptus By-the-Yard Drawer Lavender Liner
A full yard of eucalyptus and lavender is encased in organza. Repels insects and adds a clean, fresh scent. Tie to your closet pole or cut apart for your drawers. Use in sheet or sweater drawers, place in your suitcase, or under your pillow for sweet scented dreams.  Linen liners filled with lavender.
Sweater Case Hanger Cover
Our Price: $46.00
Our Price: $54.00
Sweater Case Hanger Cover
Store wool or cashmere sweaters. Large linen bags filled with lavender. Use this luxurious cover, filled with French lavender, as added protection for your clothes.  Place over the coat hanger and use the ties to secure.
Hanger Sachet Chrome Any-Straps Hanger
Our Price: $35.00
Our Price: $185.00
Hanger Sachet
Add a little luxury to your closet with these button-holed sachets filled with lavender. Linen color: Ivory or Natural (50 pieces) These strong, well-constructed hangers feature a space-saving body, polished chrome finish and polished chrome swivel loop hook. This style features a pair of "C" notches perfect for hanging straps of all kinds. Ideal for retail stores, trade shows, traveling salespeople, showrooms and residences. Loop hook is perfect for a canvas or nylon travel bag.